Imperial Pacific Coaches operates local charter and transfer services primarily within south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales, from Coolangatta and Brisbane airports. We also offer airport meet and greet services.

For extended and long distance charters and snow tours, we employ specialist coach drivers to undertake these trips, with capabilities in safe driving practices concentrating on fatigue management, vehicle maintenance and thorough knowledge of specific routes for passenger comfort stops and general safety.

We maintain a fleet of first class, immaculately presented, new model coaches and we take pride in quality and service. A special feature of the fleet is the uniform standard appearance, providing all passengers with consistent presentation and quality.

Our state of the art reservations system and communication links ensure optimal transport efficiency and reliability. We operate 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Imperial Pacific Coaches provides an advisory service to assist with tour co-ordination and itinerary planning.

Imperial Pacific Coaches is experienced in dealing with the diverse needs of clients and regularly service tourism, education, meetings, incentives, conferences and events industry, hotels, social and sporting clubs.

Government accreditation to operate anywhere, anytime, means IPC can meet any requirements

Our service can meet any requirements. Our coaches range in size from 24 to 83 seats capacity. All vehicles are 5 Star, air conditioned, fitted with seatbelts, and operated by experienced Coach Captains. Both the company and the drivers hold government accreditation to operate anywhere, anytime. Toilet equipped coaches are available on request. Coaches available are:

Please note: The following, larger capacity vehicles are in high demand, and may not be available on short notice, so bookings must be received well in advance of the proposed travel time.

Contact IPC for transport for:

Coaches ranging in size from 48 to 74 seats enable efficient catering for school sporting engagements and other group excursions every week.

Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring

Our vehicles are fitted with an Active Tracking system, which allows our operations staff to monitor the coach fleet at all times. Live information from an onboard computer is relayed from each coach to our depot, and reports the exact location and operational details of each vehicle.

The system is beneficial for vehicle tracking, driver safety and fleet management, and the end result can be seen in improved road, driver and passenger safety and fuel savings of up to 15%.